Sanaipei Tande On declining to gift Maina Kageni a baby despite him offering offering her Ksh. 500K

For quite a long time, Kenyan singer Natasha Sanaipei Tande, better known as Sana has been subject to public ridicule for turning down Classic Presenter Maina Kageni proposal.

While speaking in a previous interview with Churchill Show, Sanaipei Tande narrated how Maina Kageni wanted to drink from her honeypot as soon as she joined Kiss 100FM.

“I had just joined Kiss 100FM. I had not secured my own show yet. He told me at that time that if I ever wanted to work another day in my life I had to give him a child,” she said.

According to the ‘Najuta‘ hitmaker, the proposal came when she was too young.

At the time I was only 21 or 22 years of age, just about to begin my career.”

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The singer also disclosed that in a separate incident, Maina Kageni offered her Ksh. 500,000 to give him a baby.

Sanaipei Tande further disclosed that declining Maina Kageni’s proposal has brought a lot of problems on her especially on social media. She shared that a section of fans troll her on social media any time she posts cute photos.

Every time I post, some Netizens concludes that I’m looking for a man. Some tag Maina Kageni on my comment section, pressuring me to give him a baby,” she said.

The singer alluded that because she does not display her private life on social media, people think she is available. She however reiterated that money does not control her.

Some fans tell me that I am wasting and sleeping on an opportunity, but money does not control me.”

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Sanaipei Tande regrets Snubbing Maina Kageni

While speaking in one of his shows, popular media personality Andrew Kibe blasted Sanaipei for what he termed as losing a golden opportunity.

He said although, the singer look okay, she deeply regrets her action. According to him, Sanaipei would now be sinking in wealth and having a better social status.

Look at her now. Her music career has gone down. But where is Maina Kageni?…..Still at the top, as one of the best radio host in Kenya…and among the most paid. If it were not for cheap pride Sanaipei would not be in the bad financial situation she is right now.”

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