“Nilikuwa mama” Diana Marua Opens Up On Struggles She Faced After Parents Divorced

Dian Marua, the wife popular Kenyan musician Kelvin Bahati, has opened up on the she struggles she went through together with her baby sisters after their parents divorced.

Parents of Diana divorced many years ago, while she was six years old. Marua and her younger sisters were left under the care of their father.

In a long post she shared on Facebook, Marua opened up on numerous challenges she faced both at home and at school.

After My Parents Divorce 💔 My Mum left us under the care of our Dad, when I was about 6yrs old, my youngest sister @mitch_ngoje was about 5 months old.” Diana narrated.

She went on,” Our lives growing up was miserable. I was the least performing student in my stream, going to school was torchure, I used to get disciplined of not performing, I remember being embarassed in school, taken to class 3 from 8 to be taught fractions by my juniors, I was the laughing stalk, whereas at home, I was the Mum to my sisters, I was the cook & the Nanny at the same time.”

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The mother of three shared that they experienced a lot of beatings, to an extent that she contemplated on running away from home. However, she could not escape because she had little sisters to take care of.

She further disclosed that she did not get a chance to build a relationship with her mother because she died immediately she finished her secondary school education.

“We barely had a relationship with our Mum and shortly after I finished highschool, I knew we would recover the lost years, only for her to passaway a year later, I questioned God… WHY NOW???? 😭 When I think of these days, I relive the pain & the trauma. I would’nt wish this suffering on any growing up child.” She said.

In conclusion, the YouTuber thanked God for giving her a good family that she is raising in a good environment.

“God, thank you for wiping my tears, thank you for a stable family, thank you for teaching me how to love my kids unconditionally. How to give them the attention and love I never got. Heal my heart, help me to forgive and let go 🙏.”

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