Why Huddah Monroe do not wear pantie

  • Huddah Monroe does not wear panties

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is one of those celebrities who prefer going commando in public. She does not wear panties even when going for public events.

Huddah loves stunning outfits. Her closet is full of fashionable and expensive garments but undies are not among them.

The petite socialite prefer stepping out of the house in commando mode. Yes – without panties even when on her periods.


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While defending her choice, Huddah said her private parts are always clean and fresh. According to her, panties are for ladies with smelly and unkempt ‘parts’.

“I don’t do panties and infact I own none. My boyfriend wonders why but it’s because it’s a this private part. Mine is too fresh to stay covered. Undies are for people with smelly private parts. They use them to trap that odour,” Huddah said.

Huddah further said she abhor panties because they give her infections.

They give me infections too. I’m too fresh to stress to my honeypot.”

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