Zabron Ndale: Mzabibu hitmaker who is broke despite fame

For the past few days, Kenyan social media space has been dominated by crazy dance moves to the song ‘Mimi ni Mzabibu‘.

The sensational song which translates to ” I am the vine, Father is the farmer found its way into the hearts of many Kenyans, making it go viral. Social media enthusiasts spanning from celebrities to political class have been spicing their social media platforms, especially TikTok, with craze dancing to the infectious tune.

As the Mzabibu Challenge continue to take social media space by storm, with many Netizens trying to showcase their dancing prowess, participants have continued to offer a myriads of interpretation resulting in flood of amusing and eye-catching videos.

Zabron Ndale mastermind behind Mimi ni Mzabibu song

Unknown to many, the Mzabibu hit song was crafted by Mijikenda community’s musical gem, Zabron Ndale in 2014.

Speaking recently during an Interview, the musical maestro expressed gratitude for the song’s comeback. He attributed his success to the Grace of God and emphasized he is the rightful owner of the song.

It is just the grace of God. I released the song in 2014. The song comes from the book of John 15, and that is where the inspiration comes from. I hold all the rights to this song. The song has attracted styles that I never imagined,” Zabron Ndale said.

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Zabron Ndale went on to address Kenyans’ quirky dance moves to the song. He humorously disclosed plans to release an official music video, in a bid to guide Kenyans on the correct dance moves.

The styles make you wonder if this is a gospel song. They are doing it for fun, but, for me, it is a serious song even though it is still in audio. I will release a video of the song so that people can stop dancing those funny moves.”

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Speaking on the dynamics of his musical journey, Zabron Ndale expressed his desire to create more songs. He however pointed out financial constraints as the major hinderance.

He went ahead and urged well wishers to support him saying, “I attend events to perform my songs, but if anyone can support me in releasing more songs, I will be grateful.”

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