KRG the Don offers to buy a nice coffin for Brian Chira

KRG the Don offered to buy coffin for Brian Chira and cover other costs

A day after the unfortunate death of popular TikToker Brian Chira, whose body was taken to City mortuary, Kenyan musician KRG the Don has offered to give his financial support to the family.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, KRG said that he feels sorry for the content creator’s grandma, and that he knows that she doesn’t have the financial ability to relocate his body to a cheaper funeral home.

KRG said that he is willing to give money for taking Chira’s body from City mortuary, where unidentified bodies collected from various places are stuffed, to Montezuma mortuary.


Further, KRG pledged to give the family a fine coffin for a befitting send off of their loved one. However, he noted that he did not know Brian Chira at a personal level, and that he was touched after he discovered that the influencer was an orphan living with his grandma.

Mimi sikuwahi mjua kijana huyo moja kwa moja. Nilimuona tu siku moja town akipita mahali nilikuwa lakini nilikuwa bize. Hata sikusalimiana na yeye, lakini kwa sababu ya huruma na heshima za mwisho kwa kijana mdogo ambaye amepoteza maisha yake, na pia nikiwa ninajua kwamba familia hawana uwezo kwa sababu nilisikia kijana ni yatima, naona tuhamishe mwili kutoka City Mortuary tuupeleke Montezuma na gharama zote mimi nitalipa ikiwemo ya jeneza,” KRG said.

Brian Chira reportedly died after being run over by a speeding lorry.

According to police reports as reported by The Star, Chira’s body was collected at wee hours of the night at Ndenderu area in Kiambu, and transported to City mortuary.

Reports further revealed that the Tiktoker met his death while heading home from an entertainment joint, where he had been thrown out after causing Chaos.

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