Paul Kihuha: Story of a Class 8 Dropout Making Millions From His Garage

Many times we are told that Education is the key to success but it is not always the case if you walk in the streets of Nairobi.

With the rate of unemployment going up every day, many graduates have been forced to walk out of their proffesion to earn a living.

Paul Kihuha is instance one of best Kenyan innovators making millions despite having not excelled academically. His story cuts a image of ambitious and skillful young man.

While speaking in an interview, Kihuha described his journey as tough, saying that it had not been a bed of roses because he had dropped out of primary school at an early age.

His ambition to follow in the footsteps of his father who was a blacksmith all his life, was piqued by the request. The young boy gladly accepted his friend’s invitation, eager for the chance to hone his trade.

Paul Kihuha began as a simple technician making jikos and vibandas for locals. To him, this was more of a pastime than a hustle.

After a while, Kihuha decided to try luck in the music industry as a rapper. Music did not work because the production cost made it unaffordable to make good music video. This challenge however gave him an idea of using his skills to create film equipment.

Kihuha began constructing camera cranes to hone his technique further and sold them for a staggering Ksh90,000. He was taken aback by the idea of how far his talent may take him.

FB IMG 16754344165949794 jpg Paul Kihuha: Story of a Class 8 Dropout Making Millions From His Garage

He made the decision to move out of his friend’s workshop and open up his own garage in Uthiru, where he had moved and where the creations of Protisa came to life.

The business name is drawn from the word project tisa, an idea he came up with because he is the nineth child in their family.

On a good day, Paul makes over Ksh.100,000 from sales and hiring equipments.

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