Meet Gideon Muriuki, the Highest paid CEO in Kenya earning millions from Cooperative Bank

Even as companies continue to adjust salaries of the CEOs in order to cope with the fast rising inflations, CEOs of some big companies have continued to earn staggering huge sum of money.

In Kenya for instance, various reports have shows CEOs in Kenya earn average monthly salaries spanning from Ksh.170,000 to Ksh. 600,000. However, there are some company bosses carrying home millions of money every month.

In this article, Public News will be looking at the highest paid CEO in Kenya, earning Ksh. 1 million per day, and carrying home at least 31 million shillings every month.

FB IMG 17113001528575265 1 jpg Meet Gideon Muriuki, the Highest paid CEO in Kenya earning millions from Cooperative Bank
Dr. Gideon Muriuki, CEO Co-operative Bank

Who is the highest paid CEO in Kenya?

It reports is anything to go by, Dr. Gideon Muriuki, the CEO of Co-operative Bank is the highest paid company boss in Kenya. Muriuki, who has been the boss of the giant financial institution for decades, carries home a staggering Ksh. 270 millions annually. This translates to Ksh. 31.7 millions per month and Ksh. 1 million per day.


Gideon Muriuki family

Despite the huge fame Dr Muriuki has earned in Kenya through his stable management of Cooperative Bank, very little about his private life is in public domain. He has not always showcased members of his family but only for a few moments.

According to the information published on Cooperative bank’s website, Dr Gideon Muriuki is happily married to a beautiful lady known as Joyce Wanjiku Muriuki. The two are blessed with 5 children.


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