Narendra Raval: Meet Kenyan Billionaire who owns no wallet, has only 4 suits

Narendra Raval is an astute businessman who lives a simple life despite being wealthy

The word billionaire cuts an image of a person with a lot of money; probably more than they can account for, a person driving a high-end cars, a lavish house and other things associated with being wealthy.

Most billionaires prefer to flaunt lavish lifestyle.Some however prefer to maintain low profile. One of such is the Chairman of Devki group of Companies, Narendra Raval popularly known as Guru.

He walks with no cash and has one pair of shoes despite being one of the richest men in Kenya.

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Narendra Raval loves a simple life

Earlier on during an interview with Business Daily, the 58-year old business mogul estimated to be worth over 50 billion shillings said he has no debit or credit cards.

He also disclosed that he does not own a wallet and walks around with his car keys only. According to him, he can easily start a business empire without any starting capital.

I don’t carry cash or cards. I only have my car key…If you took me now, with nothing on me, no cash, no phone and you dropped me in an arid land in Ethiopia or Somalia, I will build another Devki dynasty without taking a penny from anywhere or knowing anybody,” he said.

Narendra Raval further added that he does not have an Mpesa account and that he does not know his worth since he does not count his money.

I don’t know. The day you start counting your money that is the end,” he said while responding to a question on the amount of money he has.

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While defending his decision of not counting his money, Raval said that his philanthropic works gives him satisfaction.

Because my money is not what I have in the bank. My money is the 6,500 people who work for me. My money is the oxygen that patients in hospitals are now breathing because we donated…That is my wealth, not when I spend on myself or my company or my family.”

The business mogul owns 3 helicopters,a simple mobile phone and drives a Mercedes Benz.

He has four suits and six ties in his closet. He argued that the situation would have been different if it was not for his wife who believes a man should have more than one suit and ties.

Besides being a successful businessman, Raval is also an author anTd a philanthropist.

He supports several schools, children homes and other vulnerable people in the society

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