“Kuja Nikumarry,” Stivo Simple Boy tells Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker Ngesh

Sensational Kenyan rapper Stephen Adera better known as Stivo Simple Boy intimated that he is deeply in love with Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker Ngesh Wa Vasha. Stivo confessed that Ngesh is giving her sleepless nights, and that he is ready for ‘Yes I Do’.

The Mihadarati hitmaker took to social media to make the revelation that elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media.

GridArt 20230810 180230110 "Kuja Nikumarry," Stivo Simple Boy tells Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker Ngesh

In his sweet message, Stivo disclosed that Ngesh is giving him sleepless nights. He went and asked the Kaveve Kazoze crooner for romantic entanglement, adding that if she agrees his request, he’ll give her a heavenly treat.

Yoh, huyu ni Stevo Simple Boy Mondi wa Kenya manze kuna mwanadada pale naona amenivutia sana anaitwa Kaveve Kazoze(Ngesh). Kama ako single mwambie Stevo Simple Boy mzee wa matulenga namtamani mfikishie ripoti mwambie Stevo Simple Boy nimedata kwake wangu lazizi wangu habibi kwake sitamsuta nitakuwa nayeye na mambo itakuwa freshi aje awe mchumba wangu.

Stivo Simple Boy’s confession comes a month after his girlfriend Grace warned Pritty Vishy against stepping close to his boyfriend.

A section Netizens however doubted the veracity of Stivo Simple Boy’s message. Some speculated that the rapper has also mastered the art of clout chasing.

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