Karen Nyamu Opens Up About Being Pregnant

There has been speculations that city politician Karen Nyamu is pregnant with the third kid. Hawk-eyed Kenyans have claimed that the controversial politician may be expecting her third born but keeping it from the public eye.

Her recent photos have left Kenyans feeling that there is something growing in her belly.

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Well, the nominated senator has decided to let the cat of out of the bag. In a post that she has shared on her social media accounts, Nyamu has confirmed that the rumors are not far from the truth.

Lisemwalo lipo na kama halipo basi ni kushiba hahaha aki wewe Mungu❤️,” she wrote.

Karen Nyamu Opens Up About Being Pregnant jpg Karen Nyamu Opens Up About Being Pregnant

Nyamu has two kids fathered by popular Kikuyu music artist Samidoh.

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