10 Amazing TBT Photos Only The 90’s and 80’s Kids Can Relate With.

10 Amazing TBT Photos Only The 90’s and 80’s Kids Can Relate With.

Life in the nineteenth century was very straightforward. People were unconcerned about their appearance or fashion. because it was the best and having a happy life was easy Let’s go back in time with the help of these antique pictures and observe how life was back then.

1. Shaving while using a glass bottle fragment

Razor blades did not exist back then. Our mother took a piece of one of the broken bottles for us to rebuild. This method was used to remove all of the hair off the head. You talk about school the next day while wearing your hair straight.

2.Hair brush

As Christmas approaches, many individuals endeavor to look their best. Because there were no hairdryers back then, she had to braid her hair this way. She combed her hair with a heated metal comb.

3 Ripped slippers

Finding nice shoes was difficult, and those who could wear the same pair of shoes for years were fortunate. This was common among those who wore soles. They are so used to walking that they peck when they are tired.

4. Using a straw when drinking

In large pots, parents made regional beverages and invited neighbors. We tossed the cups in the pot, grabbed straws, poured drinks, and discussed politics.

5. The 30-day camera exchange

There was once a photographer who only made photo stops in three towns. The toughest part is having to wait for the photographs to materialize. He would occasionally grow nervous until he had a picture of someone else.

6. Warm, thick clothing

If this sweater isn’t in your closet, it’s considered broken. It had lost its allure after ten years and was no longer available. It was my favorite material because of its warmth and weight. Women wore it the most during the rainy season.

7. Infant weighing apparatus

Before technology made things easier, the most difficult component of having a baby was determining your weight. I had to pay for the weight after a long hunt finding a store that offered it. It was amusing to see the kid go up and down to establish equilibrium.

8 The calendar is made of plastic

Previously, a plastic bag containing wild animal footprints was present. The fact that he had a plan for the coming year was the finest part. Because the date was only visible on the bag, determining the specific date was simple. The pupils benefited from being able to keep the bags handy when the teacher inquired about the date.

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