“Kaveve Kazoze,” Gengetone artist Ngesh has her teeth fixed

Ngesh shared a video on social media smiling happily as she flaunted her new braces.

Gengetone artist Ngesh finally has a reason to smile after his teeths were aligned. The Fast rising singer also known as as Bad Gal wa Vasha has been a subject to online trolls over the arrangement of her teeths.

Ngesh became an internet sensation after a Gengetone hit which she has featured in went viral. The singer captured the attention of Kenyans with her lyrics, that have ever since earned huge popularity on social media especially TikTok.

“Cash crop ya nyandarua ni Mawaru.”

“kuku hana haga lakini anataga.”

” Ninamwaga kamasi na sivai kamisi.”

“Utanunua bundles ama ovacado.”

A section of Kenyans have been mocking the arrangement of her teeths, with some creating funny clips and memes.

Since she became an internet sensation, she has been receiving offers from Kenyans who are great fans of her art.

Kenyan businessman Kiddo gifted her Ksh 20,000 and offered to sponsor her next project, both audio and video.

Ngesh also received a free hair makeover from Ezmohaircentre.

In a recent post, singer Ngesh shared a photo smiling, with a teeths fixed. This is after a dental facility offered to facilitate the process.

Ngesh who hails from Nakuru is the last born in her family. She has three brothers and together they have been creating music.

She is part of a music group known as ‘ spider clan’ which was formed this year

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