Kenyans on Twitter( KoT) Resurfaces an Old video Of Diana Confessing that She dated men for money.( Video)

Kenyans on Twitter( KoT) Resurfaces an Old video Of Diana Confessing that She dated men for money.( Video)

An old video of content creator Diana Bahati admitting about her past has been revived by Kenyans on Twitter.

Before he met the singer, Diana was known to have led a contentious life and to have dated numerous individuals, which has caused some guys to wonder why Bahati seemed unconcerned with her history.

Diana begins the video by describing her various financial partners.

I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked the whole of my life, all I wanted was a good life. I dated guys for money.

Nilikuwa na mtu wa kunibuyia manguo, kunipeleka out ata baha akinimeet I used to him with a different car, i had everything. Kuna mtu anakupea 30k uku mwingine 20k mwingine 10k, that was my life.” She explained.

She described how she had dated a married man and told how much she adored him.

“At some point, I was a side chick to a married guy, let me tell you I liked that guy sana.” She concluded.

Following the video, Kenya on Twitter had a ton to say, with many claiming that many girls live similar lives to hers and that life is just as relatable.

Diana B claims that because she lacked so much as a child, she had no choice but to become a ho. For all the times she went without food, all she wanted was to fill her refrigerator to the brim.

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It is so awful, buddy, that Diana B admitted in that video that she was once a go1ddigger. She made it quite plain that she was dating someone. One for clothing, one for shopping, and one for rent.

In light of the fact that Diana B was receiving payment from all of these males in exchange for services, even though she hasn’t stated it, her body count

Victor Wanyama Speaks on being Morgan Bahati’s Father

A while ago, Kenyan proffesional footballer Victor Wanyama was forced to address claims that he is the father Bahati’s adopted son Morgan.

This was after an X user published a photoshopped photo of Wanyama and Bahati’s family.

In the photoshopped photo seen by Public News, the editor placed the CF Montreal Player Victor Wanyama Next to Morgan Bahati, Filmmaker Abel Mutua next to Majesty Bahati and Singer KRG the Don next to Heaven.

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The bizarre edition caught the attention of Kenyans on twitter and quickly gained huge traction on social media.

While reacting to the distorted photo, Victor Wanyama registered her frustration. The player retweeted a photo shared by Wesley Kibande, and reacted strongly.The player displayed displeasure, calling for such actions to stop immediately.

This foolishness need to stop now,” Victor Wanyama wrote.

The speculation of Victor Wanyama being Morgan Bahati’s Father was fueled by and older photo of the player with Bahati’s wife Diana Marua.

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