Murang’a twins who scored 407 and 409 in KCPE both gets A in KCSE

Esther Wangeci, the mother of two identical twins is a proud mother after the sons brought home remarkable performance in their KCSE Exam results.

The two Identical Twins Jesse Kamwaro and Jason have become beacons of hope and brought immeasurable pride to their family courtesy of their performance.

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The two who have striking resemblance carved their names into annals of Education after they secured amazing grades in KCSE, with both scoring As.

The duo stood out among a cohort of 263 candidates. Jason and Jesse, who scored 84 and 82 points respectively, share not only a genetic makeup but also a common aspiration: to pursue computer science at Strathmore University.

What makes their achievement even more remarkable is the consistency they have demonstrated throughout their academic journey.

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This is not the first time the twins have mirrored each other’s success. In the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams, Jason and Jesse scored 407 and 409 marks, setting the stage for their high school endeavors at the same institution.

Despite being in different classes, the twins chose identical subjects and maintained a strikingly similar academic trajectory.

Speaking during an Interview, Jesse said, “I scored 82 points, and my brother got 84 points. We both want to pursue the same course at Strathmore University.”

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Likewise, Jason echoed his brother’s remarks expressing their shared ambition to become software engineers in renowned tech companies such as Netflix and Google.

Their parents, Esther Wangechi and the wider family, are overjoyed by the twins’ accomplishments.

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Esther Wangechi remarked that it wasn’t a surprise for them to post similar grades, emphasizing their consistency and discipline over the years. She expressed her gratitude, saying, “We pray that they continue that way into their future.”

Pioneer School’s deputy principal, Daniel Mwaura, lauded the achievements of the twins and their peers, highlighting the school’s success in producing over 200 candidates who attained university entry grades.

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As part of a motivation program facilitated by the school’s director, Peter Munga, awards of up to Sh100,000 were presented to each of the four students who scored A.

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