Mzee Abdul Juma Isack Lectures His Son Diamond Platnumz

Abdul Juma Isack has advised who is believed to be his son Diamond Platnumz on various life issues.

In an interview with Mbengo TV, Abdul has said that the Bongo star is surrounded by people who do not give him the right advises.

He has criticized Diamond for doing various things among them being his recent move to have a nose ring.

He should stop being a copycat and instead live by Tanzanian traditions. If possible he should marry. He should live within his means and stop doing extraordinary things to impress his fans,” Adul told the TV.

The father has said Diamond has the freedom to do everything in life. He has however urged him to observe the Tanzanian traditions and the teachings of the Islamic religion.

Before doing anything, let him ask for free advises. He move to have a nose-ring is weird. It is not in accordance with the dictates of Tanzanian Traditions,” he added.

Abdul Juma Isack has now asked people close to Diamond to give him good advises.

Diamond’s father has further revealed that his long ever since he saw his son. He has however hoped to meet the WCB boss in the near future.

I think his running his errands. I am hoping that once he is free he will pass by to say hi.”

A month a go, Diamond revealed that he has no intention of marrying any time soon. According to him, marrying early will ruin his well-doing music career.

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