Amber Ray working on collabo with American rapper Drake

Amber Ray revealed that she is working on collabo with Drake

Kenyan Socialite-cum-entrepreneur Amber Ray has intimated that she is set to do a collabo with American rapper/popstar Drake.

The elated mother of two said that she is a great fan of Cardi B but she will work with Drake first before working with the female artist.

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Amber Ray further disclosed that plans were underway to facilitate her collaboration with celebrated Grammy award winner.

Like nilikuwa nimesema hapo awali, next year nafanya Collabo na Drake. Nitakuwa narap, I know this Collabo will cost me alot of money so I need to focus on it first before working with other artists like Cardi B.” She said.

Days later she dismissed the idea of pursuing a career in music and even scoffed at the notion of music as a mere hobby.

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According to the socialite, the idea of pursuing a music career was just a fleeting thought that she quickly dismissed due to the financial constraints associated with the Kenyan music industry.

Amber Ray explained that after looking into the music industry, she realized that it cannot sustain her lifestyle. She went ahead and stated that she spends Ksh. 300K per day.

Fans are wondering whether she has changed her mind or whether she will focus on international collaborations

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