“Ako na Wivu,” Akothee blames Nyako of her TikTok account suspension

Kenyan Singer and businesswoman Esther Akoth alias Akothee now believes Nyako is responsible for her woes in popular TikTok App.

The singer blamed Nyako’s followers for making her TikTok account to be suspended for several days.

Recently, Akothee made a stormy comeback on TikTok. She entertained her followers with sensational clips, in company of her alleged boyfriend Nelly Oaks.

Akothee went ahead to seek dominance on the popular App’s Kenyan space, terming herself as the Queen of TikTok.

Apparently, Tiktoker Nyako did not take this lightly. She confronted her head on, saying that she is the mother of five failed relationships instead.The two had a nasty exchange of words on the platform.

Nyako posted a video laden with insults, challenging Akothee to a verbal showdown on the popular social media platform.

Moments later, Akothee’s TikTok account suffered a huge blow after it was suspended for several days from uploading videos.

Akothee Blames Nyako of the TikTok Suspension

While reacting to the TikTok Suspension, Akothee alluded that was caused by jealous and malice.

She however reiterated her committed to growing the account, adding that nothing will stop her.

“I don’t know if I was to seek permission to join my own life with my phone with my fans or Is this some big jokes. Kwani who owns this App? Ama watu wako na shares tujue tunanunue ngapi. The jealousy became uncontrollable, people sent me videos of me being warned not to join TikTok and that I should stick to Facebook and Instagram. Just for your information, both my account and Nelly Oak’s accounts were reported and suspended. That’s how bad jealousy and insecurity can go. We shall be back live on the 25th of November suspension ikiisha.” Akothee said.

She further said, “I will not be stopped by anyone to be on any social media page.”

Akothee expressed frustration at the apparent attempt to weaken her presence on social media, emphasizing her commitment to using these platforms for entertainment, education, and moments of fun.

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