Kamene Goro tips men on how to win a girl

Kamene Goro has given Kenyan men a lesson on how to win a girl easily.

The sultry media personality has advised men against being ‘blunt’.

Kamene Goro with Oga Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Kamene Goro with Oga Obinna at Kiss FM studio

“In as much as we (girls) don’t say it we really believe in friends. These things that that you can say and the way you say it can work,” She said

According to Kamene, girls do not like guys who go straight to the point.

“You see we say we like it when you guys are blunt. Most don’t by the way.”

Kamene says that girls hate men who make a direct shoot. She says girls like that ‘nonsense’ men think are less important.

“…how are you babe…uko fit…how is work…how are you doing? …All of that nonsense that you guys don’t like doing that you believe do nothing does a whole thing,” she added.

Speaking to Kiss FM, Kamene showed Kenyan men how easy it is to win a girl.

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