Becky Citizen Tv Updates 22 Jan 2023

Becky Citizen Tv Updates 22 Jan 2023

Part 1

So Sanchez gets back to his crib where they are currently living with Junior. Junior asks Sanchez how Lexy is but Sanchez responds that he doesn’t want to speak about the it. Junior probes Sanchez to know what’s the problem.

“Kwani Kuna shida gani?” Junior asks Sanchez who responds by hinting that Imelia is the problem. Junior Wonders what has happened between Sanchez and Imelia because they have been great friends.

On the other side, Becky insists to know what Moh is hiding from her but Moh declines to reveal, tells Becky she will get to know herself. Becky tells Becky that she will find out from Sanchez and in case she finds out that Moh participated in harming Lexy, she will tell Mama Lexy. Meanwhile Lexy’s mother,Imelia, is listening to the whole conversation.

” What will you tell me?” Mama Lexy cuts the conversation between Becky and Moh. Becky tries to evade the question and says they were speaking about Sanchez. Mama Lexy fires back and says she doesn’t want to hear about the name Sanchez.

Back in Ghetto, Sanchez tells Junior to visit Lexy in hospital and find the whole truth. Sanchez what to know what happened and why mama Lexy chased him away from hospital. Junior asks Sanchez to give him a hint in what could have happened. Sanchez shares that he spent the whole day with Imelia but immediately she went to see Moh, she changed suddenly. Junior promises to find out.

Meanwhile, Moses Jabulani arrives at his house really tired. Trisha inquires to know the problem, “Babe are you Okay?”

Jabulani tells Trisha that Lexy is hospitalized and in ICU. He further informs her that Imelia is taking care of Lexy.

“After doing to her all she did?” Trisha wonders why Imelia is so kind.

Trisha tells Jabulani that he should take advantage of Lexy hospitalization to transfer back the house and other properties to himself. Jabulani says it is impossible because Lexy is too sick to sign papers but Trisha insists that he should time when Lexy will start responding to treatment.

It’s time for Moh to go back home so she tells Imelia that she want to go bid Lexy good bye. Imelia makes a big mistake, allows Moh to go see Lexy in ICU.

Moh finds out that the ICU room is locked and nobody can access it. Just then, Lexy condition start worsening and she is almost dying. Junior arrives and finds Moh standing at the ICU for. They see through the glass-walled room that Lexy condition is worsening. The two start panicking. They begin looking for the doctor who has the room’s key.

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