Revealed: Why family want Brian Chira to wear Graduation Gown during burial

Kenyan Tiktoker Baba Talisha has given Kenyans a snippet of the series of events in regards to the final send-off of content creator Brian Chira.

In a video he shared on his social media platforms, Baba Talisha disclosed that Brian Chira will be laid to rest on Tuesday, 13th next week in Githunguri.

Baba Talisha who had been instrumental on updating Kenyans since Chira’s passing, said that the body will leave Kenyatta University Mortuary for burial at Grandma’s ancestral home in Githunguri.

“The burial will take place on March 26 in Githunguri. Viewing of the body will commence at 6:00 am at KU, followed by a mass service at the same location,” Baba Talisha said.

According to Baba Talisha, some relatives have declined to be associated with the burial process, leaving the burden to close family members.

He clarified, “Only immediate family and members of the church will have access to his final resting place.”


Chira to be buried in Graduation Gown

Chira’s family has been tasked with crafting eulogy, a heartfelt tribute to his life and achievements.

Further, the fallen content creator will be buried in gown, in accordance with special request from his grandmother. This will be done to honour Brian Chira’s remarkable academic excellence. During his time at Nkubu High school in Meru, he scored an impressive A- in KCSE.

Content creators willing to attend Brian Chira’s Burial will make the arrangements individually.

Additionally, communication will be made on Candle-lighting vigil which will be held at Central Police Station.

Brian Chira met his untimely death after an accident that involved a lorry. According to reports, the Tiktoker was run over by a speeding lorry after he tried to cross the road while drunk shortly after alighting from a motorbike.

Several Kenyans including celebrities have continued to offer their support towards burial arrangements.

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