Eve Mungai tells how she found She’s a side-chic

Eve Mungai is undoubtedly on of the biggest name in the Kenyan Entertainment space. At just 22 years, the digital content creator has been able to carve her path in the Youtubing sector.

Unknown to many, behind Eve Mungai’s success, there has been another powerful figure – Director Trevor. The duo have been ideal illustration of ‘when we come together great things happen’.

With Eve on the screen as the main interviewer and Director Trevor behind the scene as the director and producer, the lovebirds combined efforts to build one of the biggest biggest brand in Kenya.

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How Director Trevor and Eve Mungai met

Speaking a while back during an interview with Jackie Mutubia, Eve Mungai lifted lid on her love life and the journey to success.

She met Trevor during a photoshoot in Murang’a. Trevor fell in love with Eve at the first sight and he could not hide it.

He made a courageous move and whispered to Eve’s friend,” Huyu dem anakaa fiti. Nikimpata naeza mdish.”

Despite Trevor approach appearing like a flirt, Eve Mungai reciprocated the affection but as a friend since the two were dating other people.

As the friendship continued to deepen, Eve made a shocking discovery — that her boyfriend was cheating on her and that she was a sidechic. The discovery made her to give Trevor all her heart and love blossomed.

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Trevor and Eve Mungai breaks up.

Recently, Director Trevor made a shocking move and rebranded all social media accounts, including YouTube with over 750K subscribers. Trevor announced that he is no longer working with Mungai, raising further speculations about the bitter end of four years relationship.

We have rebranded. I no longer work with Eve Mungai,” Director Trevor said as he announced the change of name of their YouTube account.

Director Trevor gave further details during a question and answer session, while responding to a fan who asked, “Will you still be working with Eve?”

In his response, Trevor said: “No! Her services are no longer required in the following platforms. YouTube – 754K subscribers. Insta fame – 104K followers. Facebook – 874K followers.“

Further , he said a formal statement on the rebranding will be issued concerning the new brand.

This comes after rumours of their alleged breakup raised eyebrows online. A month ago, Eve Mungai elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online after she was spotted with comedian GK Sirkal, with their hands interlocked romant!cally.

Trevor has now vowed to teach Mungai a lesson, adding that she has been benefiting from what she didn’t create.

Someone is sitting in a shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago,” Trevor wrote in a separate post.

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