“Hadi rosecoco live?” Kenyans troll Eve Mungai and Trevor

Director Trevor and Kenyan popular YouTuber Eve Mungai are undoubtedly one the best celebrity couples in Kenya. The two seems to have overcomed the pressure of online trolls.

In a previous interview, Eve Mungai revealed that it was tough for her when she first got into content creation. She disclosed that she had night of tears over online trolls. A section of followers would bodyshame her over the size of nyash.

However, the beautiful content creator seems to have developed a tough skin and no longer succumbs to the sentiments of critics. The young couple is closely following the footsteps of Bahati and Marua, spicing their social media with beautiful photos and serving kenyans couple goals.

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In one of their recent post, the duo caused a buzz on social media. This is after Trevor was captured helping Eve Mungai adjust her trouser. Trevor was seen holding the beautifully cut trouser close to the honeypot and Kenyans could not keep quiet.

Trevor shared the photo on his Instagram Page and captioned it, “Normal is overrated, I’d rather be weird!

A section of his followers lauded the couple for being real and open about their relationship. A section was however astonished by Trevor’s courage to his hand close to rosecoco in public.

GridArt 20230610 163014010 "Hadi rosecoco live?" Kenyans troll Eve Mungai and Trevor

Here are some of the reactions;

@TheelifeOfSage: Anaconfirm kama rosecoco iko sawa 😂

@Lurashi: Hujali Kibe atasema nini wewe unapost tu

@Mungai_Eve: 🤦🤦 😂😂😂baabe ❤️

@Kafuri_x: Kama ni yako unashika tu

@Shirooh: Yaani rosecoco live 😅❤️

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