“Hakuna kama Wewe,” Georgina Njenga gushes over Ex-lover Tylor Mbaya

Kenyan Socialite Georgina Njenga has ignited excitement on social media after gushing over her Ex-lover Tylor Mbaya, popularly known as Baha Machachari.

Georgina shared a post on her Instastories, in which she lauded Baha of being a present Father to their daughter Nyambura.

In the post, Georgina shared the pain of growing up without a father figure. She said that at 22 years old she has gone through so much struggles that many at 30s and older may not comprehend.

Guys I’m so proud of myself Yaani I decide to talk you can’t understand at 22 I’ve faced and accepted a lot you all would never accept at your 30s or older

Anyways new YouTube video on Tuesday ❤️ you all don’t know alot but I’ll let you know me ❤️ and @Tylor Mbaya I’m so proud that you are a preset dad always proud. I lacked a father figure and I know you are there for Nyambu ❤️” she wrote.

While responding to the post, a section of Netizens speculated that Georgina Njenga is working her way back to Baha, with some advising him not to accept her back.

@Ouma Ian: A simple way of saying “I want you back” 😂😂

@Morris Raphael: Wacha kupiga Kuna mob,sema tu hio joy stick unaitaka iwe yako

@Singh Ray: Taylor Mbaya usiingie kwa mtego. She want you back after kutembeza rosekoko 😂

@Eduh: Sema unataka Kurudi…kula ujeuri yako.

Tylor Mbaya and Georgina Njenga broke up few months ago. Georgina went ahead and shared a cryptic message on social media suggesting that she had moved on and that she had a new man.

Consequently, Mbaya uploaded photos on social media with a nyashlicious queen, also suggesting that he was ‘eating life with silver spoon’.

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