Akuku Danger Sickness : a condition he was born with

Akuku Danger Sickness: Mannerson Ochieng popularly known as Akuku Danger has opened up on condition he was born with. While speaking to Mpasho, the Churchill show comedian has revealed he was born with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Akuku Danger Sickness
Akuku Danger in Hospital

Sickle Cell Anaemia is an inherited condition that affects the red blood cells. Red blood cells are usually round and flexible. In Sickle cell anemia, cells have crescent moon shape. They are are also rigid and sticky which inhibits smooth flow of blood.

While there is no cure for Akuku Danger sickness, drugs can be taken to relieve pain.

The popular comedian says the doctors said that he would not live beyond 18 years.

“….. My mum was told that sickle cell anemia patients do not live past 18years, but here I am at 31. It is God who gives life and no doctor can dictate when I will die,” he said.  

The comedian was hospitalized earlier this year in Nairobi Hospital after his lungs collapsed.

Akuku Danger Sickness

Akuku Danger now says his mother’s prayers have helped him a lot.

“When I was 15, the doctor told my mum to go home and wait for me to die …… my mum was a religious person so she kept praying,”Akuku Danger added.

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