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How to increase fuliza Mpesa limit 2022

The question of how to increase fuliza Mpesa limit has remained a question that many Kenyans have not answered.

The loan product is provided by Kenya’s telecommunication giant Safaricom. It was designed by the company to help its customers make purchases on credit.

The volume of purchases one can make is dependent on Fuliza limit. Fuliza is the ammount of money Safaricom has allowed customers to use on credit.

Several Kenyans have however raised concerns over the stagnation of their the limit.

To some, the limit of the credit amount has remained constant for over 3 years. They have wondered the best trick of increasing Fuliza limit.

How to increase fuliza Mpesa limit

Public News explores two tricks that one can employ to increase the limit;

1. Increase your transactions

This is one of the best trick. Increase how you regularly transacts with Mpesa. Make deposits and withdrawal oftenly.

This way, the company will perceive you as a credible and creditworthy customer.

2. Pay your fuliza in good time.

No company would wish to lend money to a person who has a history of defaulting. To keep your name clean on safaricom’s book, pay your fuliza in good time.

Avoid defaulting. This will motivate the company to entrust you with more money.

3. Opt out and in

If the first two trick do not work try this one.

Opt out of fuliza and then opt in. Several Mpesa users have reportedly succeeded in this method.

To opt out dial *234#. Proceep to option 0. Fuliza, option 98. more and the option 7. opt out.

With these 3 tricks, your fuliza Mpesa Limit will undoubtedly go up.

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