Principal staps TP teacher over mistaken identity

Principal of (name withheld), Tharaka Nithi County is in apologetic mood after slapping teacher ove mistaken identity.

The victim who is a teacher on practice is alleged to have arrived in school with clothes that had colours matching to those of students.

The Principal who was following behind the teacher noticed someone who appeared like student had shirt untucked. As it is norm to compel students to look neat, he angrily shouted
“Wee kijana, tuck that shirt”

Unknowingly, the teacher did not stop. Little did he know that minutes later he would be a subject of embarrassment.

“Unajifanya huskii eeh?” The infuriated head yelled again this time getting angrier. He increased his pace, caught up with the teacher and gave him a hot slap that saw him flat on the ground.

Students who were watching from the windows shouted,
“Ni mwalimu” . Immediately, it dawned on him it was a teacher he had introduced to the school few weeks ago.

Filled with guilt the principal helped the teacher stand and apologized deeply.

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