Bahati Captured In A Yummy Session With Milly Chebby

Musician-cum-Singer Kelvin Kioko alias Bahati has been captured by cameras in awkward moments with Terrence Creative’s wife Milly Chebby.

The duo have elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans over what Kenyans have termed as disrespect to marriages.

In the video shared by Nairobi Gossip, Chebby is seen shaking her nyash in a melodious manner. Bahati who is holding her from behinds gyrates on her butts while enjoying every moment. They then suddenly stop after realizing that they are being filmed.

Efforts by Public News to establish the place of the occurrence has bot bore fruits. It however appears as if the are in a closed-door party attended by few people.

Milly Chebby is the wife to popular content creator Terrence Creative. On the other hand, Bahati is husband to Diana Marua. He is expecting the third child soonest from the heavily pregnant wife.

A section of Kenyans have now trolled the two for failing to respect their marriages. According to them, It is not right to act in such a many while in a marriage.


Here are some of the reactions;

Mamou Baraza: Mchezo mbaya sana hii. It’s always fun and games until one day you have a serious argument with your partner and it crops up. “Wewe hata hujiheshimu kusuguana na majamaa wengine mbele ya kila mtu na wewe ni bibi ya mtu, ama ni juu ako na pesa kunishinda?”

Plus Size & Bold: Bahati feels lucky to taste a big Nyash. If you go plus size you’ll never come back

Bwoy Hudini: What an awkward moment

Edith Orony: Since bahati wanted a son he has finally found one who can conceive for him

Bonie G Kimani: Where is marriage respect? Where is the boundary? Its so shameful

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