“Genius!” Meru man steals radio while the owner is listening

A meru man has stunned Kenyans with his theft prowess after he managed to escape with the radio while the owner was listening to it. The incident happened at Mikinduri Meru County.

According to the witness, the man identified as Kirimi stole from Kamurî while he was listening to the 7 PM News.

It was a bit cold so as usual Mzee was listening to Inooro FM 7PM News. He was sitted by the fire while the radio was placed on the shelf,” the witness said.

Kirimi, who was Kamurî’s close neighbor was aware of the man’s schedule and he was aware that he listened to his readio every evening.

So Kirimi got into Kamurî’s compound. Kamurî was not concerned because he thought it was one of the son had visited.

According to the witness, Kirimi creeped into the man’s house and grabbed the radio without provoking the attention of the owner. He began adjusting the volume of the radio as he went away. Kamurî did not notice because he heard like the volume was constant.

He did not realize the radio was being taken away because the thief adjusted the volume upward after every step. It dawned on that the radio had been stolen when the volume went mute suddenly.”

While reacting to incident, Kenyans have be surprised by the thief’s level of creativity.

He must be a genius. He would have done better in academic field.” One Kenyan reacted.

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