“Umeingia Illuminati,” Kenyans Angry at Luwi Hausa

Has Luwi Hausa joined Illuminati?

A section of Kenyans roasted sensational actor Brian Ogana, popularly known as Luwi Hausa for allegedly joining the dreaded Illuminati secret society.

Luwi rose into limelight in 2019 after he featured in the Popular Citizen TV’s Maria Show. His cool demeanor and high sense of fashion left ladies with sleepless nights.

In one of his recent posts, the actor sparked a buzz on social media. This is after he raised speculations of joining the popular Illuminati society.

Luwi Hausa shared a photo of himself in a red T-shirt, with his fingers around his eyes in a Triangle-shape, a symbol that is believed to be of the secret society. He accompanied his post with a cryptic caption few could understand.

#SuitKing In the land of the blind the third eyed man is king. I have learnt Spirituality is about developing the inner sights by opening the third eye and the eyes of the heart #staywoke,” he wrote.

A large section of his fans speculated that the actor had finally made up a decision to join Illuminati.

“Which sign is that?Do they force there members to show themselves to people?”

“Luwi Is under strict instructions,don’t blame him”

“Luwi umeingia ile secret society nini?šŸ˜„”

“Waah hata wewe uko kuzimu?kwisha wewe”

“I thought the sign is for illuminatišŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”am sorry to say soā€¦”

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