“Choreaaa,” Blow as Bahati refuse to have 4th Kid with Diana Marua

On Sunday, popular Vlogger Diana Marua camped on her social media account where she wrote a long, sweet message to her husband Bahati.

In her post, the mother of three praised Bahati for being exceptionally loving husband.She opened up on several reasons as to why she chose to date the former gospel singer.

Diana Marua termed Bahati as a person who understands her well and noted that he chose to have her as his wife despite her several shortcomings. On the same note, she noted that she is deeply in love with the Singer and she is ready to gift him the fourth child.

This man right here @bahatikenya 😍 Honestly, I will carry another child for you, if God wishes 😊 My Husband, My King, My Best-friend, My Confidant, My Gossip Partner, My Medicine, The one who understands me more than I understand myself, Babe, allow me to open my heart to you ♥️,” she wrote

She added, “Every-time you remind me of where we’ve come from, we either end up laughing about it, cry or just be happy that we didn’t give up on each other. I settled down with you because I wanted someone to love me with all my flaws and when I met you and hangout with you, you were different. I loved how you talked to me. It was genuine.

The rapper accompanied her post with photos of the ‘Abebo’ hit-maker.’.

She went on to celebrate their 7-years love journey, and disclosed that it has not been easy as they have separated and reunited seen times. She noted that moment they separated became lessons that has bettered each one of them.

It’s almost 7years and we have broken up so many times and in that, we found healing, we learnt better. The break up made us realize that we can differ because we’re different but it didn’t mean we love each other less. You always choose to be the bigger person and stand tall for our love. You have taught me that love is patience, forgiveness, kindness and love is holding me at night even when I’ve made you mad 😂,” she noted.

In his response, Bahati said that despite the offer giving him the fourth child being so good, he is not ready for another child. The 30 year old singer however promised to continue loving her, adding that he is blessed to have her as wife.

Sweetheart hapo kwa mtoto mwingine chore kwanza 😂😂😂. But above all I confidently believe that you’re my bone that was missing..Over and over again I will call you my dream girl a woman every man would wish to call wifey.. I’m blessed to call you mine. I will love you till eternity ❤️,” Bahati wrote.

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