Dorea Chege reveals she prefers dating men with less money


  • Dorea Chege is currently dating Dj Dibul.
  • Dorea revealed she prefers dating man with less money.

Kenyann popular actress-cum-social media influencer Dorea Chege has caused a stir on social media after revealing that she prefers dating men who have less money than her.

The former Maria actress was speaking on her preferences when dating. She intimated that her biggest turn off is when a broke man hit on her.She however intimated that she has no problem dating a man who has less richer than her, adding that he loves taking control in a relationship.

Si ati napenda doh. Si lazima akuwe na pesa because pia mimi nikona zangu. Lakini akuwe at least. For me nataka nikuwe juu yake because I love controlling.” She said.

Dorea Chege is currently in a romantic relationship with Dj Dibul. A while back, the two shared the details of their love life.

The two fell in love on the first date after Dorea Chege slid into Dj Dibul’s DM. Ever sincy, they have been spicing the social media with cute photos.

While speaking in a previous interview, Dorea Chege revealed that before dating Dj Dibul, she was once in a relationship that lasted for 5 years before they went on seperate ways.

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The Maria actress recently shared photos of multi-millions mansion she is building and captured, “A small girl with big dreams.

While reacting to her sentiments, a section of Kenyans told her off for shaming Dj Dibul. According to them, it was unnecessary for her to reveal that she has more money than him, and that she is in control.

Here are some of the reactions;

“Sureeely… Did you have to say it? 😅”

“And the so called DJ still needs deep explanations,,kishaanza kumramba pole pole”

“The dj is going through a lot 😮”

“I knew it DJ ni ka ben10”

“So in short Dj amewekwa.DJ DIBUL kumbe you’re a kafukuswi 🤭🤣😂”

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