Charlene Ruto: I have a big forehead and I love it

Charlene Ruto noted that she loves her Forehead

President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto has made it clear that she acknowledges having a big forehead.

Speaking during an interview with Journalist Victoria Rubadiri at Citizen Tv, Charlene noted that she loves her facial look despite the big forehead.

The head of state’s daughter made the remarks, while responding to online trollers. According to her, a number of Kenyans have been criticizing her looks and fashion.

I have a big forehead and I love my face. I mean, I love my forehead so much and I’m not hiding it,” Charlene said on Saturday evening.

She noted that people began discussing about her looks and poking holes into her fashion after she gained huge popularity in 2022, when she launched nationwide tour.

Charlene disclosed that sometimes her media crew request to hide her ‘forehead’ for fear that it will spark heated debate and trolls on social media. She however said that more often she insists that they don’t hide anything.

Even when they hide it (forehead ) using my hair, I tell them not to do so. It is there and It’s God’s blessings,” she said.

The head of state’s daughter noted that besides forehead, a section of Kenyans also faults her hair and grooming style.

Charlene Ruto said that constant attacks by Kenyans on social media made her list Cyber bullying among the 30 issues she want to fight against, in Kenya.

When we get a platform, we are not supposed to misuse it. Rather, we are supposed to use it to encourage one another and speak well of everyone.” She said.

Charlene said that she began her nationwide tour in 2022 with an intention of rewriting her story. She noted that before then, many Kenyans had constructed false impression about her.


Charlene Ruto looking for a Husband

Recently, Charlene Ruto sparked heated debate on social media on social media after she admitted that she needs a husband.

In a ordeal that caught many by surprise, the head of state’s daughter told American preacher Benny Hinn, during a Mega crusade at Nyayo, to pray for her to get a partner.

When the popular Televangelist asked congregants to present their prayer items, Charlene was among those who stepped forward. She went ahead and whispered to Benny’s hears about her prayer request.

Shockingly, Benny Hinn disclosed the supposed-to-be secret. He asked God to bless her with a good husband.

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