Kenyan Men go crazy as Marakwet Daughter reveals She is Vagin

Popular ‘Mali Safi Chito’ hitmaker has ignited the Kenyan internet space after disclosing that no man has ever had a steamy session with her. The sensational artists uploaded a short TikTok clip in which she diclosed that her rosecoco has remained untouched.

“Niko vagin cha ukweli, niko vagin kabisa, kwani hamusikii?” Marakwet Daughter said.

The ‘Mali Safi Chito’ crooner’s statement elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online, prompting thousands of ‘hungry’ Kenyan men to flock into her DM.

In the short clip seen by public News, the artist candidly shared with the public that her honeypot is intact. “Niko vagin, Eeeh, niko vagin cha ukweli, Niko vagin kabisa, kwani hamusikii?” (“I am a vagin, yes, I am truly a vagin, I am completely a vagin, don’t you hear?”).

Marakwet Daughter rose into limelight and became an internet fame after her song Mali safi Chito’ became popular among Kenyans. Ever since, the artist has been making headlines on the internet, with bloggers and media houses fighting for her attention.

Her recent shocking revelation has elicited varied reactions from Netizens, with a large number expressing uncertainty due to previous disclosure of being married for five years.

According to a section of Kenyans, the Marakwet Daughter like many other celebrities has mastered the art of clout chase for views and fame.

Reports privy to the source revealed that she entered into matrimony at the tender age of 16, driven by a desire to escape poverty. However, the marriage turned chaotic, marked by abuse, leading to seperation in 2021.

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