Daddy Owen Opens Up on dating Charlene Ruto

Gospel musician Daddy Owen left Netizens talking after he shared photos of Charlene Ruto’s visit his rural home in Kakamega.

The Singer took to his social media accounts cute photos of President William Ruto’s daughter having a good time at his home. He went on to say that it was the climax of his best moments in 2023.

We celebrated with song, dance and ululations,” Owen wrote.

Despite not disclosing the nature of the visit, Kenyans raised speculations that the two are in a romantic entanglement. They went ahead to fill the comment section with avalanche of Congratulatory messages.

Halish Halish commented, “You two would make a beautiful couple.”

Purity Karimi said, “Congratulations to you my former neighbor ….indeed God had a great plan for you brother!!!!”

Kelvin Ngari: Congratulations to both of you. wishing you all the happiness

Piggiette: Love is a beautiful thing.♥️Congratulations.Personally, I’m happy for you.

Tracey Aqquillar: Am happy the two are happy.Congratulations,God has made it happen.

Charlene Ruto at Daddy Owen's home in Kakamega. Photo: Daddy Owen/Instagram

Daddy Owen Opens Up On Dating Charlene Ruto

Two months ago, Daddy Owen was forced to address speculations surrounding his relationship with Charlene Ruto, the daughter of Kenya’s President, William Ruto. This is after the two were spotted playing basketball.

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Speaking during a brief phone interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray on November 8, Daddy Owen took the opportunity to address the swirling rumors and clarify the nature of his relationship with Charlene.

The interview kicked off with a general inquiry about Daddy Owen’s current whereabouts and well-being. Responding positively, Daddy Owen seemed unsuspecting of the bigger question looming ahead.

Ankali went on to inquire about the nature of his relationship with Charlene.

Lakini shem Charlene anaendeleaje? Daddy tuambie ukweli bwana, Charlene mzima?,” Ankali probed.

At first, Owen seemed uncomfortable with the question. He asked Ankali to refrain from asking him private matters.

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However, Ankali Ray, who is known for his candid approach pressured Own to shed more light on the topic.

In his response, Owen maintained that his relationship with Charlene is purely friendship and professional collaborations. He added that the two are working on various projects, emphasizing that not every association means dating.

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Hapana. Ni job tu. Apart form being just friends kuna projects mingi tunafanya pamoja… Si lazima kila time mkiniona na mtu lazima awe mtu,” he said.

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