Brian Chira Biography, Age, Parents, Education, TikTok, Networth

Brian Chira Profile

  • Real Name: Brian Wambui Chira
  • Career: Tiktoker, entertainer
  • Birth: July 6, 1996
  • Age: 27 years old (as of 2023)
  • Networth: Undisclosed
  • Home: Githunguri, Kiambu
  • Nationality: Kenyan

How Did Brian Chira Become Famous?

Brian Chira is a first rising content creator, actor and a social media influencer.He got into limelight in 2022, after a video of him giving an accident witness report went viral. He left netizens talking courtesy of his demeanor during the narration of Nakuru road account that left 11 dead.

“My name is Chira, I am called Brian Chira and I saw the whole accident. It happened that a lorry was coming up from the other side and there was a matatu. suddenly, there were cries from people around, nduru nduru, and then we came out of the…so it happened that there were two ladies out of the matatu and they were beheaded. It’s tragic,” Chira narrated.

Chira way of addressing, his voice and gestures left Kenyans wondering whether he is a member of LGBTQ. According to a section of Kenyans, his mannerisms and behavior depicted a member of queer community.

In 2023, Brian Chira has been making headlines to expressing love for his fellow male content creators. Earlier on, he disclosed that he is deeply in love with media personality Andrew Kibe, courtesy of his well shaped beards.

Naitwa Chira Brian Chira, Andrew Kibe aki wewe tu because of your beards. Oh my God, wuueh! Hebu come kiss these lips,” He told Andrew Kibe on A TikTok video.

After failing to win the heart of Kibe, shifted his attention and casted his eyes on comedian Mulamwah. He also chased clout beefing with celebrities such as Azziad Nasenya and Jalango landing him in trouble.

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Age, Parents and Education

Brian Chira hails Githunguri, Kiambu County. He was born in July, 1996. His mother however died while he was eight years old, and later his aunt.These personal hardships influenced his outlook on life and inspired him to become a source of inspiration for others.

Brian Chira is currently a student of Kabarak University. In 2017, the multi talented 27 year old man was awarded the best actor during the Kenya Drama Festival.

Brian Chira and TikTok

After becoming an internet sensation and gaining huge popularity in 2022, Brian Chira embarked on a mission to make a living through content creation.

Despite facing many challenges, Brian Chira has made a life for himself. He has accumulated over 150K followers on his TikTok account and fairly good number of followers on other social media platforms.

Brian Chira’s efforts in creating content have paid off. Speaking during an Interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, he disclosed that he makes up to Ksh. 100,000 on one live session.

Challenges and Struggles

Despite his success, Brian Chira has also faced significant challenges along the way. He has experienced instances of public harassment, including physical assault and being disowned by some of his family members.

For the past two weeks I have had to run away from hotels. I have had to alight from the matatu just because someone noticed me. I have been beaten,battered and disowned by everybody I call family.” Chira said. .

Meanwhile, beyond the glitz and glamour, Brian’s life has not been without its struggles.In a brave and candid moment, he took to social media to reveal his HIV-positive status.

I am Brian Chira and I am HIV Positive.” He said before showing off his ARV’s

In his emotional clip, Brian opened up on the pain of losing loved ones to the disease and the stigma that people living with HIV often face.

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