Young millionaire reveals how made millions from unsuspecting Kenyans

Recently, a Kenyan young man Raymond Omuse affectionately known as the Kenyan Prince, made headlines after flaunting wads of cash in TikTok live session.

The self-proclaimed millionaire cleared every doubt about his financial endowment, leaving Kenyans yearning to learn his money making tricks.

In the 18-seconds long video, Kenyan Prince displayed 6 millions shillings wrapped in bundles.

Hii ni pesa imwekwa na bladder,” he said as he counted the money.

He went ahead and teased Kenya Revenue Authority to take their share from the huge amount: “This is what six million Kenya shillings look like, and it is real. I have withdrawn it, and KRA, you are welcome. I will pay you.”

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How Kenyan Prince made million from scamming Kenyans

Speaking during an Interview with Oga Obinna, Kenyan Prince unravelled his mysterious money making ways after disclosed how he made millions through deceiving innocent Kenyans. He admitted to being involved in fraudulent business of selling fixed betting Odds.

As Obinna went to probe him, Prince said he started scamming venture following a bitter encounter with a betting odds scam that cost him Ksh 3500.

“I encountered something called sure betting odds, and after being scammed out of Ksh 3500, I saw the opportunity to turn the tables,” he said.

As the business thrived, he opened a WhatsApp group to sell betting odds, but things escalated when a stranger suggested he expand to Telegram, leading to even greater profits.

However, his methods were far from ethical, as he unabashedly admitted to swindling individuals.

“I even conned a guy named Elijah out of Ksh 102,000 by selling him false odds,” Prince admitted.

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