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Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris Muthoni Rosanna is by all means a fashion enthusiast who gives an eye on trendy outfits. She is a true definition of enjoying life to the fullest.

Her deep sense of fashion can be traced back in 1991 when she successfully contested for Miss Kenya Finalist and emerged as a finalist.

The cameras have captured her on several occasions in mouth-watering out fits.

Despite facing criticism from a section of Kenyans, Passaris has chosen to live life her way.

The ODM diehard has been ‘my dress my choice’ activist in a bid to liberate women in the society from gender based harassment.

She has been vocal in advocating for women position in the society.

Passaris was born of a Greek father and Kikuyu mother in 1964. She attended both Primary and secondary school at Aga Khan Academies in Mombasa. She then proceeded to Strathmore Business School where she pursued an Advanced Management Program.

Esther Passaris also hold a Diploma in Law from University of London and a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration.

Esther is wife to Pius Ngugi. They have two children.


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