Esther Passaris: Why I will not attend Azimio demos in future

Nairobi Women representative Esther Passaris has a reason why she will not attend Azimio demonstrations if they are called back in future.

While speaking on Tuesday, the Parliamentarian intimated that she will not participate in the demonstrations due to health issues

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The lawmaker however maintained that she believes that people have a right to express themselves through demonstrations.

I suffer from Post-Traunatic Stress Disorder from 2017 and I’ve never recovered and its get worse. So I personally will not get into maandamanos.But I believe everybody has a right to express himself and to go out and demonstrate but for health sake, I will not go out and demonstrate.” Esther Passaris said.

She added that the opposition abd the government should sit down and chat the way foward on improving the lives of Kenyans.

But I feel both sides can sit down and talk. We have hardcores on both sides. On side claiming that baba want handshake. Raila doesn’t want handshake but want Kenyans to live well.”

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Passaris further said the cost of products will shoot up before going down.

This comes after Azimio leader Raila Odinga halted the bi-partisan talks and threatened to call mass action if their concerns will not addressed.

While quiting the talks, Raila claimed that Kenya Kwanza camp had failed to honour their demands.

The opposition boss has been leading series if demonstrations in a bid to address the high cost of living among many other things.

However, the Azimio leader has not announced when demonstrations will begin.

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