4 Expensive Residences Where Uhuru Kenyatta Possibly Stays After leaving State House.

4 Expensive Residences Where Uhuru Kenyatta Possibly Stays After leaving State House.

1. Maasai-Mara, Kajiado.
After his retirement, former President Uhuru left his 1,000-acre new home in Narok County’s Maasai Mara region.

The new mansion, rumored to be Uhuru’s retirement home, is located in Oloolmongi, Lolgorian Ward.

2. Ichaweri, Kiambu county
The palace in Uhuru’s hometown of Gatundu South, Kiambu County, was constructed by Britons for Kenyatta and began construction in 2018 with the contractor operating under strict GSU protection.

The family has set aside a portion of the homestead’s land for the presidential library and museum as well as the public policy institute. The homestead is situated along Kenyatta Road and has a distinctive V-shaped entrance.

3. State House- Nairobi.

The former President has a $700 million mansion in Nairobi that he personally oversaw and built near the State House. Among other things, the house boasts electric fences, bulletproof glass, and cutting-edge alarm and security systems.

It also has a big visitor lounge, a pool, a helipad, and other rooms, including several offices.

A luxurious residence that lies near to the State House was allegedly built in strict accordance with the previous president’s own preferences.

Unlike several former presidents’ residences, which were publicly supported, the stronghold is rumored to have cost a cool Ksh700 million, making Kenyatta’s alleged retirement home privately funded.

Uhuru, the former president, is currently content there.

4. Gicheha- Nakuru County.

The house and farm are located on 4,000 acres, about a mile from the Nakuru-Eldoret highway. Uhuru is said to have over a thousand farm animals. Cattle breeds housed there include Boer goats, Charolais, Hereford, Brahman, and Ankole cows.

Local possibilities include the Borans and Sahiwals cow breeds. Animals from his Nakuru property are seen below.

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