MC Ndegenye Pens A Heartbreaking Message To DJ Sonie

Popular Kikuyu-based comedian Alex Muriuki has pened a heartbreaking message to girlfriend DJ Sonie.

In a message he has shared on social media, MC Ndegenye has broken up with DJ Sonie.

Something has been bothering me for a while now, and I think I should convey it to you. Initially, I was okay with our relationship setup because I believed our love would overcome any barrier. But sadly, I was wrong. I don’t think that I am strong enough. I spend too much of my time on you . I feel like I will never be able to love someone the way I loved you. It is a heartbreaking decision I am making. You will always dwell in my heart no matter where I go in life. All the best to you, and I hope you find someone who will love you even more than I ever did.You are a wonderful person, and you deserve someone amazing who will love you unconditionally. I hope you understand that I cannot continue being with you in this romantic relationship. If you can, I need to go back to being your best buddy.
lets only do business,When you djing am mciing….
.,” he wrote.

Ndegenye has cited insecurity as part of his reason. According to him, he risk falling into depression because he feels insecure any time goes out to DJ.

I feel so insecure,I can judge by move of things that soon I might get depressed..let me quit,#mapema ndio best…”

The comedian has however noted that he is not open for a relationship.

To everyone who had been looking up on us ,Am sorry for disappointing you..”

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