Socialite Shakilla break silence on leaked video of her and Tanzanian singer Lava lava on bed

Shakilla was seen resting on bed besides Lava lava

Popular Kenyan social media influencer-cum-socialite Shakilla has broken the silence over a video of her and Tanzanian singer Lava Lava that has gone viral.

In the video that has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyan online, the two are seen laying on the bed in birthday suits. The singer appears to be in deep sleep while Shakilla is awake.

While speaking about the video, Shakilla revealed that the clip was taken 3 years ago, and that she was not the one who shared it on social media.

In a a post she shared on social media, Shakilla further revealed that during video-taking, there was a third party whose phone was used to do the recording. She further noted that the clip was shared by the third person without revealing self.

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According to her, she has not engaged with the third party for over a year.

There’s a video circulating online with me and the named person in the video. I would like to let it be known I am surprised to see the video as this was taken over 2 years ago with the third party’s phone whom I have not spoken to or seen in over a year. I am not going back and forth or answering any questions about this video. I am not responsible for posting or having any engagements with the third party involved,” she wrote.

Despite going viral and making headlines on many blogs, the Tanzanian musician is yet to make any statement.

A section of Kenyans have however questioned the socialite for taking the clip. Here are some of the comments;

Ken-Lazy ; Husiwahi taka galdem aamke before Wewe 😁😁♥️

Shiloh: After servicing rosecoco you decided to shame him 🤔🤣

Elly K: Never trust this gender. 😁.

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