Blow As Waithaka Wa Jane Beats Samidoh In Mugithi Fame

For quite a long time Kikuyu-based singer Samidoh has been on top of Kikuyu music arena. The famous mugithi singer has been making headlines, with his name featuring on big platforms.

Samidoh had passion for music at a young age. While in Highschool, he served as C.U worship leader.

Immediately after completing his secondary school studies, Samidoh did not waste any chances. He traveled to the Nairobi City, where he joined Kamande Wa Kioi band. At the time, his older brother was a drummer in the band.

He stayed in the band only for two years. He was determined to go out of his way and become an artist.

His career as a music artist began in 2018 when he recorded ‘ndiri mutwe mwega‘ ( My head ain’t straight). The song was followed by other hits that swept the Mugithi industry by storm.

Samidoh got a major breakthrough when he recorded Wendo wi Cama featuring Joyce wa Mama. The song earned him a lot of fame, making him topple legendary singers , to become the Mugithi King.

The fame however seems to be short-lived. The fast rising new bloods into the industry seems to threaten his might.

Waithaka Wa Jane Beats Samidoh

According to the polls popular Kikuyu based media website ‘Othaya Global News‘ were recently conducted, Mugithi Singer Waithaka wa Jane is the new King of Mugithi.

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In a post they shared online, Othaya Global News sought to know is the most loved mugithi singer. Some of the popular mugithi artists listed were;

  • Waitha wa Jane
  • 90K ka Msoh
  • Tonny Young
  • Samidoh
  • Jose Gatutura

In their response, the biggest section of fan voted for Waithaka wa Jane with many terming him as natural and bila maringo.

Here are some of the comments;

Grace Wangari: Samidoh while you were in Qatar, wa Jane became king of mugithi, utajiju

Mule Virginia: Waithaka wa Jane all the way 😍😍💪 Samido is overated. He’s lost his relevance 😖😖

Nyambura: As much as I love mashetee I’ll vote for waithaka he’s shining

Kinyanjui Peter: Waithaka WA Jane, the best wachana Na hii thenge kila mahali

Serser Samoei: Waithaka wa Jane the best of all…..,loud and clear from Senegal

Waithaka Wa Jane Respects Samidoh

In an earlier interview, Waithaka Wa Jane mantained that he was not in competition with anybody. The singer attributed his fast rising fame to his commitment and God’s grace.

“It is God…I do not consider myself better than anyone else. I am not in competition but I hit the chords and the mic determined to be better by every dawn. The hard work is paying off since I am booked three months in advance.” Waithaka said.

The Mugithi star further revealed that despite his stardom, he has high respect for Samidoh. According to him, Samidoh is already enjoying audience from international platforms.

“It is true I may I might be gaining huge popularity here in Mt Kenya region but Samidoh performs even abroa. I’m happy that people are now treating me as the new king here at home…but I am playing catch-up to Samidoh,” Waithaka wa Jane noted.

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