“If you find me with your husband, blame Lucy,” Former Tahidi actress Gloria Moraa

Gloria Moraa, former Tahidi High actress popularly known as Anazidi Kuiva, has elicited mixed reactions after he recent remarks on love life. The mother of two disclosed that she would not give a damn or get scared if another woman found her with their man.

In her candid revelation, Moraa said that the experience she went through when got married at a young age made her develop a tough skin. She went ahead and narrated how a woman named Lucy made her spend many nights in tears.

According to her, Lucy who was way older than her would come and pick her husband and disappear to unknown location. The drama went on and led to seperation.

“I first got married at the age of 19 to a 27 year old man. The marriage only lasted for 7 years and by then we were blessed with two kids. There is one thing I will not forget. There is this lady who was called Lucy. She made me cry Wuuui Waaaaaiiii Waaaaaiiii.

“Lucy would come to my shop, call me girl, pick my husband and disappear to unknown location. Every time I hear the name Lucy, I remember how she made me cry than the other 56 women.

Right now if you find me with your unfaithful man, I won’t be scared or shocked. I will just tell you “cool down young girl”….coz Lucy taught me better…..,” said Ms Moraa.

Surprisingly, a large section of her fans appeared to resonate with her experience, as many went ahead and named men and women who left them in premium tears after proper Character development.

“Ni kama unajua story yangu….Shantel wherever you are, I’ll never forget 😭,” said Empress Kinya.

“Not just ladies….Kuna Mwanaume alinipeleka through hell. Mr. Musoti has the boss to my wife. He made me fight endless battles and I ended up losing coz my wife was siding with him..” added M.K

“Don’t remind me about Betty, she made me cry every night….but karma ni nani. Same thing happened to her. She is now a divorcee 😃,” added Sharleen M.

“It’s payback time…hata Mimi nikipata Wa mtu napita naye. Kendi taught me a lesson.” Sharon Nkatha said.

Gloria Nyaboke ready to love again

The marriage only lasted for 7 years before Ms. Moraa broke up with Mr. Ayimba and went on separate ways.

In the ensuing period following the fallout, Ms Moraa sued Mr Ayimba for child support and also accused him of being negligent to his family due to unfaithfulness.

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For months, she shared her life story on social media about her fights with her in-laws who refused to recognize her as the late Ayimba’s spouse despite her proving otherwise.

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The issue was so dramatic that the late Ayimba’s family barred her from attending his funeral. However, after the drama made national headlines, Moraa’s two sons were allowed to attend their late father’s funeral.

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