Pata Nyumba Kwanza-Samidoh Blasts Andrew Kibe

Popular Kikuyu Singer Samidoh has given content creator Andrew Kibe a taste of his own medicine.

In a bitter spit of words, Samidoh has blasted Andrew Kibe for claiming that he loves to ‘live’ with women.

The controversial creator Kibe claimed that he once made arrangement to host Samidoh In Austin during his USA music tour.

According to him, the ‘Wendo Wi Cama‘ hitmaker did not show up but instead opted to be hosted by a woman.

Last year or was it this year….I am not sure. I asked Samidoh to come I show him around during his weekend off when he was here (USA). He instead hang out with a woman. They are now fighting for him like a dildo. Samidoh you are weak,” he said.

In a bitter response, Samidoh claimed that Andrew Kibe was living in Sugar Mummy’s house and thus did not find it appropriate to visit him.

Haha..hata kama ni content sometimes tumia akili. So I was to leave my work coz a lad has invited me over to his couger’s house?” samidoh responded.

He has now asked Kibe to own a house before he can invite him.

“I am a Kikuyu man. I thought we agreed I’ll come when you get a house and not sugar mummy’s house?”

The singer further teased Kibe on taking his Ex-wife.

Ama niende Lang’ata uone huyo mama uliacha na watoto akishukuru pia?” he added.

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