“YY ni mature,” Kenyans amazed by YY Comedian’s response to Andrew Kibe

Kenyan rib-cracker Oliver Otieno popularly known as YY comedian has amazed Kenyans with his level of calmness and maturity when dealing with criticism. Recently, the comedian was a victim of Media personality Andrew Kibe online trolls. Kibe told YY that his daughter Circe resembled comedian Butita, insinuating that he was cheated on by his wife.

A while ago, YY comedian uploaded on social media a video of his daughter playing with Butita’s phone. On the process, the phone fell and damaged the screen.

A heated conversation on who should cover the cost of repairing the phone sparked between the two. Eddie Butita argued that YY should pay since it is his daughter that damaged the phone. On his side, YY comedian maintained that Butita should pay because he is the one who gave out the phone.

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To Kibe however, he saw an opportunity to advance his unending onslaught on Kenyan celebrities. He shared the clip on his social media platform and added that YY’s daughter had a striking resemblance with Eddie Butita.

Looks like YY Comedian Amechezwa na Boot Eater (Butita),” he said.

A section of fans came out in support of Kibe and pressured YY to do a DNA test. The proud father however dismissed Kibe’s claims, adding that he was just looking for content and he cannot be mad at a joke.

we cannot be mad and triggered by jokes….Kibe is doing what he knows best which is to entertain…Even in my jokes,I offend others and make others laugh…let’s enjoy and move….Kibe anafanya tu kazi yake.” he wrote.

2026 IMG 20230322 203533 "YY ni mature," Kenyans amazed by YY Comedian's response to Andrew Kibe

While responding to YY comedian’s reactions to Kibe, a section of Kenyans hailed the comedian for exhibiting high level of maturiy.

Here are some of Kenyans reactions.

Mkenya Daima: Maturity detected. Ingekuwa ni wengine mambo ingechemka. 🥰 🥰

Shih Koh: I love your reasoning YY. Achana na Ki-failure 😂

Melvin K: Hivyo sasa. ❤️

Jymo Jymo: YY is very mature.That is wisdom.

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