Story of a Couple that sold multi-millions mansion to follow Pastor Mackenzie

A family in Nyamira County is crying for justice while looking for their loved ones who are alleged to have joined the controversial pastor Mackenzie’s church.

According to the family, the couple sold their luxurious house in Nairobi, forced their children out of school while claiming education is satanic, and joined their church members who were fasting in Shakahola.

They left everything, literally sold everything they had bought and went to fast to death in the dreaded Shakahola land.

The couple- Everline Kerubo 33, her husband Joseph Ntabo 38, G4 guard, and their two children – Dan 15 and Hiram 12 had earlier on informed to their friends about the planned journey.They auctioned the multi-millions house situated in Josca in Nairobi County and headed to the embattled Gid News Church in Kilifi.

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The couple claimed that the modern day education has insignificant benefits, and therefore forced their children out school.

All this happened in January 2020.

On May 1, 2023 Kerubo’s sister Christine Nyambati, visited Shakahola with hope of tracing her relatives.

One of a young man who was rescued from Shakahola and taken to Kilifi orphanage alluded that he know well about Kerubo’s family told Christine that Kerubo’s family members were all on the 10th Day of fasting.

Earlier on, the couple fellowshipped at Seventh Day Adventist church in Kangemi. They however went their way and joined Pastor Mackenzie’s teaching, whose teaching has caused several deaths.

Paul Mackenzie under Tight Security

The arrest of Pastor Mackenzie came after mass grave of his church members was discovered in Shakahola. It was alleged that members fasted to death with home of getting eternal life.

Christine further disclosed that couple learned about pastor Mackenzie through his teachings on Television.

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