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Why kamene Goro may be a mother any time soon.

It is the joy of every lady to be called a mother. This is however not  the case with Kamene Goro.

The media personality who works for kiss FM has out ruled the possibility of getting a baby soon.

photo of Kamene goro

The curvaceous radio queen has revealed she fears responsibilities that come along with pregnancy.

“This whole nine months pregnant, then I hear things like your body rejects a pregnancy. I mean it is very scary. Have they told you about the giving birth part? Weh! I don’t know how the baby is going to come out as both options are a bit difficult for me.”

Kamene Goro has further revealed that getting a a baby through a surrogate mother is not an option for her.

“If it’s going to get a baby it has to be mine. I have respect for all mothers, including mine, as it is not an easy thing.”

The sultry medial star says she prefer focusing on herself.

“I want to do the things I want and focus on me. I like it when I can wake up and say, I wanna go to Zanzibar,” she added

Kamene Goro says growing says babies deny people freedom.

“Your whole life changes and your life becomes about this other human being. Every decision you make, the priority is always about this baby. Being a middle child at home, I have been the one taking care of my siblings and I have gotten to a point in my life I need to focus on myself.”


Speaking about her new relationship, kamene says she is happy.

“What I like about this relationship is that I feel very secure. I have no worries with him, he is happy and consistent. He is a dope guy and very serious.”

She has dismissed fans saying she is not yet over her former relationship.

“I was over my divorce very fast. The reason I talk about it is that I learnt some fundamental lessons from it that women need to know,” she added.

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