Drama as parent confront teacher for stealing Ksh.30

On Friday morning, a school in Nyeri (name withheld) was treated to a rare scene after a parent confronted teacher for stealing Ksh. 30 from his daughter. According to the witness, the parent stormed the school premises breathing fire.

At the time of his arrival, the teachers were winding up the school parade. The parent defied the gateman’s directive to hold his horse until the assembly was over. He instead made his way into the school seeking to know where the alleged teacher wss

Natataka kuona Mr. Warui. Atanitambua leo. Ako wapi,” he shouted as he waded through students who had already been released to resume go to classes.

Unaware what, the school principal tried effortlessly to calm the situation. After minutes of drama and name-calling, the parent heeded to the call and entered into the principal’s office. Mean while, Mr. Warui was trembling in the staffroom unaware what was his mistake.

Mr. Warui is a theif. The other Day my daughter called asking for some pocket money. I sent to the teacher Ksh. 327 but I’ve learned she was handed Ksh. 270. Why are you stealing from parents?” the parent fumed.

The teacher was called into the office and confirmed that it is indeed true he gave the form 2 student Ksh. 270. He claimed that the parent sent Ksh. 300 and he therefore ksh. 30 catered for transaction.

However, after going through the Mpesa messages, he realized that had mistakenly picked the wrong message. He immediately offered to refund the money but the parent refused and sought forgiveness for embarrassing the teacher.

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