Drama as black Cat prevent buyer from leaving shop without paying

A large section of Africans are superstitious when it comes to cats. While a small percentage keep them as pets, many hold various beliefs about them. Some tribes link them to bad omen, while others believing they have so much to do with cult, sorcery and devil worship.

However, one of the recent incident that happened in Mombasa has proven that indeed cats a nice pets to keep.

In a story published by Taifa Leo, residents of Malindi town were treated to a dramatic scene after cat saved a shopkeeper(owner) huge some of money. This is after after it prevented a cunning buyer from leaving without paying.

The buyer arrived at the big shop in Malindi town to do some shopping. He made the order after which he was given his items. However, the buyer realized that the shopkeeper was too busy to receive payment as he was serving several other buyers.

The buyer immediately hatched a plan and embarked on a mission to execute it with a precision of an army. He hanged around until he made sure the shopkeeper’s eyes were off his moves. He quietly made his way out the shop premises.

But just before he could leave, a big black cat appeared with a frightening growl. Effort by the buyer -turn- thief to leave where cut short as the cat blocked his way and threatened to face him head on.

The scene began attracting onlookers but the buyer was quick to realize his mistake. With guilt worn on his face, he retreated to the shop and made full payment.

Hapa hauwezi enda bila kulipa,” the shopkeeper told the buyer with a smile on his face.

Self-selling Charcoal in Kitui

A while ago, a Kenyan man expressed astonishment on social media after he found self-selling Charcoal in Kitui.

While taking his shock on Facebook, the man said that while on streets of Kitui, he discovered that charcoal placed strategically along the roads, with price tags attached and money bin indicated.

He wondered the level of trust Kitui residents have on each other. Upon inquiry he was informed that the sellers have special mechanism (juju) to catch thieves. He was informed that anybody who attempted to leave without paying would unknowingly hang around until the seller arrives.

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