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Mother kills two children, attempt suicide

Murang’a detectives have launched manhunt for a suspected killer mother who stabbed her two kids at
Kianjogo village in Kahuro yesterday afternoon, killing one instantly.

In the bizarre incident that left locals astounded, Nancy Munjiro (a 21-year-old single mother of two 4yr
and 2-yr-old boys) turned the knife against her little angels at their grandmother’s house, spilling their
intestines before attempting suicide.

The area assistant chief Ms. Lucy Muthoni Kimani told detectives that Munjiro, who works as a
househelp in Kiriaini area of Kahuro, had visited her mother (who lives with the two kids) over the
festive season, and was yet to report back to her place of work for unknown reasons.

What the kids’ grandmother hoped would be a precious bonding moment between mother and sons as
she stepped out of her house in the morning, turned to be the darkest day of her life.

She only came back to find her house turned into a murder scene, her grandchildren soaked in blood
and sprawled on the floor.

Sadly, the two-year-old had already given up his spirit, but the older boy had a faint pulse. He was
rushed to Muriranjas hospital before being referred to Murang’a County hospital in serious condition.

Police who visited the scene also found a rope hanging from the roof, suspecting that the perpetrator
might have attempted suicide before opting for her heels.

As trail for the suspect heightens, the DCI wishes quick recovery to the hospitalized boy who is braving
the life-threatening injuries in hospital.

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